Murle Community in Diaspora condemns ‘ethnic cleansing’, claims SSPDF soldier captured in the tribal war | RB

In a letter extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, the Murle community in diaspora have condemned what they term as ethnic cleansing by tribal armies of Bor and Lou Nuer who have stormed Greater Pibor Administrative Area in a revenge attack.

Earlier this year, Murle youth stormed Pieri in Jonglei and killed dozens of women, elderly and children and as well as abducting children from Lou Nuer. Also, the youth have also attacked Dinka Bor; Nyarweng and other areas. In a revenge attack, Dinka-Bor youth stormed Gumuruk, combining with Lou Nuer who attacked from their side.

Last week, the United Nation’s Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) reported a great number of people fleeing from the ethnic violence and landed in the camp’z Protection of Civilian Sites (PoCs) within Pibor.

The cycle of tribal conflicts continue to go on through revenge attacks in greater Jonglei.

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