MS. ACHAI WIIR – did some serious diplomatic activity

South Sudan philanthropist, Achai Wiir taking a selfie at her home.South Sudan philanthropist, Achai Wiir taking a selfie at her home.

Junior William Deng 

University of Dar es Salaam, 

Bringing international stars into the country for musical performance and cultural exchange could create positive image of the country and it could boast the confidence of investors as well. 

The NOISE in the background is not justified. What I know is that R & B, Dance Hall and Hiphop music generate eroticism. So, the pictures that you see being shared are normal in this regard. 

Well, the little jealousy our people are showing is expected but this isn’t a communal shared resource, the sponsors who hired Diamond Platinumz and crews are profit maximizers, if they analysed that hosting a local junubi who doesn’t have International pedigree couldn’t generate the profit they expected, they couldn’t take that risk, thus, they are justified to hire that one who can generate high utility.

It’s actually incumbent upon South Sudanese local artists to raise their standards and strive to break into East African, and African music industry. It’s heartbreaking that one Lil Tjay from Ghana composed a song that: “Am the goat”, yet he was just a nobody but now his song is one of the famous songs of the year. I think, “I am the goat singer” can come to South Sudan but none of our artists can perform in Ghana, not because they are not talented but because they are limited by lack of knowledge in the market. 

If our artists want to succeed they must debunk naysaying and start to read and study music industry.  They must learn how to write and produce International appealing songs. At least one of our own, a young artist: Macco Bwoy has been appearing on NTVs and Radios in East Africa of late, if he keeps it higher, he will get all the attention he needs. 

Lastly, the women who graced the party did the great thing. Women are the greatest actors in the exchange of soft power and the promotion of culture. Pop culture is one of the most influential elements of micro politics that is helping US dominate the world. I think it should be promoted. The ladies are also adults and have absolute decisions to whatever they do with their bodies, it’s not the decision of the South Sudanese men to dance or not or rubbed their buttocks against foreign artists.

In fact I appreciate that our ladies showed up and showed the short Tanzanian star that they have legs, buttocks and heights.  I bet that Diamond is having back pain. It was really difficult for Diamond to reach high waisted girls’ buttocks.  A little courtesy was offered to him by ladies by lowerin  and bending that much. 

Lastly, the short musician is  welcome to South Sudan once again. We are truly Africans.

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