More than 70 people dead in Tonj East [Names] | RB

FILE PHOTO: Civilians in Lakes State summoning their weapons to government yesterday in a ceremonial style.

At least more than 70 people were killed during a fight that broke out yesterday in Tonj East, Warrap State. The fight involved disarmament unit of the SSPDF members and civilians in Romic Town.

According to reports, SSPDF members found the youth while at an usual event or may be called so, since it involves daily chilling while playing dominoes or so.

An SSPDF then exchanged words with a civilian and he decided to intentional shot him to death. In the process, he shot another one more and the Luacjang community rushed for their guns and battled out with the government forces.

Below are some of the names of civilians killed in the battle, supplied to Ramciel Broadcasting.

All the names could not be found.

The government forces have been accused of harassment and lack of professionalism in Tong which is of course believed to have reached the climax.

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