More than 70 dead as Nigerian Military use machine guns against civilians [Video Footage]

FB IMG 16032695417451964Flag of Nigeria stained with blood of a shot youth/Source: Facebook

More than 70 civilians have been killed by Nigerian military on Tuesday following protests over police brutality across Nigeria. The demonstrations include reforms of SARS which is a Nigerian Police Force (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) and it is showing little sign of slowing down.

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Photo Source: Skynews – Nigeria Lagos Protests

The protests that have carried on for nearly two weeks in the streets of Capital, Lagos and other States is raising an eye brow across the world.

Video source: US-Africa Facebook Page

Sources have alleged that in Lekki (City in Lagos State), civilians were shot dead by military following switching off the lights.

Currently protests are continuing.

Many human rights activists are calling for an end to the police brutality as well.

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