More Details About Hon. Tutkew Gatluak’s ICC Indictment Resurfaced

South Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpediaSouth Sudan Presidential Advisor on Security and Chairman of NPTC/Photo credit/nyamilpedia

Nairobi, Kenya

June 22, 2020 (RB), Following last week’s statement by the UN Security Council and International Criminal Court (ICC) against Hon. Tutkew’s persecution update, this week more details about this process begun to resurface.

According to the document leaked to Ramciel Broadcasting, among the crimes committed by Hon. Tutkew, including “targeting of women and children through the commission of acts of violence (including killing, maiming, torture, rape and other sexual violence).”

Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has this month briefed the UN Security Council members of the audacious situation in the world’s young nation, the statement read.

She said that “some top-level government officials are associated with abduction, enforced disappearance, forced displacement, or attack on schools, hospitals, religious sites or location where civilians are seeking refuge”. She determined that such actions amount to against humanity and constitute a serious abuse or violation of human rights or a violation of international law. Mr. Tut was named as the person suspected of these crimes.

“The UN Security Council has noted that Mr. Tut Gatluak, the Security Adviser to the president is posting a great threat to the civilian in the following areas; Bentiu, Twic Mayardit and Ruweng Administration areas” partially read part of the document.

Despite the news of Tut’s indictments, the president of South Sudan last week rewarded his security adviser with a more powerful position by reinstating him to be the chairperson of the NPTC. Mr. Gatluak may face a warrant of arrest. The former powerful close allies to former president of Sudan, Al Bashir, Tut is believe to be associated with the war crimes committed in Darfur.

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