More actions threatened as Red Army Foundation temporarily halts cooperation with SPLM.

Juba city the capital of South SudanJuba city the capital of South Sudan
The Leadership of Red Army have recently accelerated their demands to the SPLM National Secretariat despite the deaf ear accorded their demands. The Red Army has however given SPLM National Secretariat until Monday the 30th of August, 2021 for dialogue to happen, a substantive warning has also been issued by the group and failure to comply will lead to a declaration on the next course of action
Deng Bol Arua, the leader of Red Army Foundation said in a statement that “The Red Army Foundation and its political wing within the SPLM, the SPLM Red Army League regrets to inform its membership and the people of South Sudan that it has been compelled to consider suspending all programs and activities with the SPLM National Secretariat,”
The Red Army Foundation leadership highlighted concrete reasons that explain their dissatisfaction in the ruling party and these are the top reasons gravely cited by the leadership:
  1. The Red Army have for long been sidelined by the SPLM National Secretariat and not given due recognition;
  2. Equally the Red Army didn’t seem to see themselves in the SPLM National Secretariat, which seems to have lost the historical liberation identity and character to the unknown;
  3. The Leadership of the Red Army Foundation has made several attempts to revive the relationship with the SPLM National Secretariat by establishing the SPLM Red Army League, which was adopted but was equally sidelined by the SPLM National Secretariat;
  4. The Red Army Leadership subsequently decided to prepare a position paper on the need to revive the SPLM, and this was presented at the SPLM Lobonok Leadership Retreat in 2018, as the Red Army Lobonok Paper, which was widely circulated, read, and appreciated by many of the top SPLM leaders, but still, it was ignored and not adopted nor implemented by the SPLM National Secretariat; and,
  5. Despite that, in the spirit of comradeship, the Red Army Leadership still didn’t give up attempts to revive the relationship with the SPLM National Secretariat and went ahead and prepared Red Army-SPLM Dialogue Paper in February 2021, requesting for dialogue with the SPLM. The Dialogue Paper was presented to the Acting Secretary-General and copied to many leaders of the SPLM, but till today there is still no response from the Acting Secretary-General, thus disregarding and undermining all possible efforts made.
Regardless of several diplomatic attempts to categorically plunge into the current system of leadership under Kiir, the red army claims it has completely been ignored.
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