“Oppositions are like an animal that hopes one’s hand will fall off as one walks on the road” Micheal Makuei Lueth

makueiMichael Makuei Lueht -South Sudan minister of information and postal services /Photo Courtesy

The minister of Information and Postal Services Michael Makuei Lueth has today ridiculed oppositions by likening them to an animal that follows one who walks on the road, back in the days in his hometown, with the hope that as you walk, one of your hands will fall, and luckily feast on it.

“In our home area, there is a story of a small animal that follow the footpath of a person. As you walk, the animal hopes that your hand falls off until it gets tired and leaves you. This is the same situation with our brothers in oppositions, they are made to believe that the government will collapse because of all these sanctions, but the government will not fall and they will continue to follow us until they are tired.”

Micahel Makuei also advised the oppositions that they should work hand in hand with the government to bring everlasting peace to the country so that the country do not go back to war.

In the past two weeks, the government has come under heavy pressure from civil rights groups and the oppositions demanding changes. The latest pressure, which perhaps made the minister utter such words is exerted by the PCCA (People’s Coalition for Civil Action) a civil rights groups calling for civil uprising in the country and the collapse of the government for change.

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