Mixed reactions as Ambassador to U.S’ clear pee flooded social media | Washington

04/07/2020, (RB) — The Upper Nile State’s debate held online and moderated by Peter Kenny, a member and the host has let to one of the most horrible scenes witnessed online on 3rd of July (E.A.T).

The Ambassador to U.S.A, Mr. Gordon Buay lost himself while on debate. Waking up, from his seat, he headed straight to the bathroom in a sleepy mode forgetting that he had his camera on. As first deception was given a doubt, his mic was muted but soon, the streaming clear fluid quickly covered his camera. Shocks followed as he is now seen urinating.

On noticing, though too late, the host cut the ambassador off and it went blank. His space appeared as the rest of the debate members couldn’t hold back the amusement. They all bust out in laughters with some covering their mouths.

Source: Wikipedia

The video produced the most embarrassing scene portrayed by a top government official ever since the Minister of Health, Hon. Elizabeth Acuei Yol’s first speech during first step tackling of covid-19 in the nation. A speech where she spoke broken English as a new minister in front of WHO officials and diplomats from other nations standing along with top government officials.

The South Sudan across the globe on social media had some been seriously outraged by such an act while others mocked and laughed at the man. Some also sympathised and argued that he was drunk. Some insulted him and cursed the government. Others joked and laughed at him. Gordon Buay is a known controversial politician widely known for criticizing and insulting the current SPLA/M -IO chairman, Gen. Riek Machar.

Upper Nile State has been the most affected region by the civil war conflict. Its gubernatorial seat is currently on hold due to rejection of the nominated person, Gen. Johnson Olony.

Such issues have dragged on up to the point of the bored-seeming ambassador peeing on a public forum during a video conferencing.

Meanwhile, the government is yet to release a statement concerning such behavior or the man himself is may be to apologize for such a great misconduct, according to the public.

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