Former governor of Central Equatoria Clement Wani Konga addressing the media/photo Radio TamazujiFormer governor of Central Equatoria Clement Wani Konga addressing the media/photo Radio Tamazuji

This meeting was called by the governor of Central Equatoria State H.E. Emmanuel Adil Anthony in Luri Payam headquarters on 5th January 2021.

Present in the meeting was a joint national and State security committee in persons of the chief of defense forces Gen. Johnson Juma Okot and the Inspector General of South Sudan Police, Lt. Gen. Majak Akec, and notable dignitaries. The State Peace committee for the resolution of the conflict in Terekeka county attended the meeting.

This is what he said:

I have heard many things from you who spoke here.

I was escorting my son to my farm. My car got stuck on the way and I returned to wait in the mountain while my son and a son of my brother look for a way to get it out. They followed me to the mountain but on their way, they were found by armed men near a cattle camp. The armed men asked them who they were and they killed my son to death. The son of my brother escaped and survived fate. I said there is no revenge.

I was chosen by all Mundari to lead them and protect them. If the government wants Mundari to work in different levels of government, it asks me and I recommend all those who’ve worked in different levels of government whether in parliament or executive or diplomatic missions. I didn’t segregate.

I have nothing bad with anybody being Korbura, Yangwara, or Deregel. I have protected you since you chose me to lead you with open hands and I did not kill you. I have no hand in this new culture where you divide and kill yourselves.

The last time I went to Cairo for treatment, I did not nominate someone in my place, but Wani Buyu was the one who represented me. I was sick up to the present. Since then it is Wani Buyu who’s handling the affairs of the Mundari community.

Two things unite us. First, we are Mundari by nature and God has created us Mundari. Wani Buyu is a Mundari, he can lead Mundari. Second, we are related in one way by Wani Buyu because my grandmother and his grandmother all descended from Bo’dok in Valentino Kenyi’s village. We are all related to Valentino Kenya. I see no reason for Korbura and Nyangwara to fight.

When I went to Egypt in 2018, I heard that the Mundari were fighting each other. It was that grievance that generated up to date

Brothers, if you are chosen to lead people, you handle them with a good heart. Do not add something to it.

I am not angry with all you said because you chose me to lead you. I am responsible for all Mundari.

My message to all Mundari in and outside this meeting is that we are created by God. Let us reconcile to one another and be united as one Mundari like before. Since we are created by God, He did not divide us. If a brother does something bad to you, the government can help you settle your differences. I am calling all of you, cattle keepers and elites in Juba alike to go back home so that we can reconcile to ourselves and live together as one Mundari like before. If we have reconciled then you can go wherever you want to go.

Emmanuel Adil Anthony was chosen as your governor. He is the governor of  Central Equatoria State. You must respect him. If there is any complaint from you, you can address it to him. If someone has stolen your cows or killed your relative, you open a case in police to be pursued legally. Do not take the law into your hands or use guns to intimidate your neighbors. Let us go home to solve our problem in Terekeka.

Thank God, the year 2021 starts with new waves of peace and reconciliation.

By Clement Maring Samuel

Information Secretary

State Peace Committee for Resolution of the conflict in Terekeka county.





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