Mass Leakage of the Primary 8 National Examination


Just before the start of the national exams for primary 8 pupils, some pupils in Juba and across South Sudan already have access to some papers.

The leaking culture didn’t come as a surprise to many. Infact, there have been mass leakages before.

Here are parts of an exposed paper that is not yet done circulating in social media.

Exam paper

Exam paper

Exam paper

Exam paper

FB IMG 16130670058529083

Exam paper

Speaking to RB this evening, a junior officer at the ministry of Education has admitted that the leaking of the national exams is already going on.

“Yes, there have been a few cases already reported even before the exams start. And I can assure you that the leaking of exams is already going on,” he said.

The man however blamed the event on the lack of intense security.

“There is no serious security handling these cases of transportation. This is putting our country in jeopardy as the practice is greatly disturbing,” he added.

The exams are due to kick off tomorrow with maths paper already in the backyard of the students.

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