Mary Boyoi strikes fans with her hot thighs

The South Sudanese courageous singer, aka the Original First Lady Mary Boyoi has strike her fans with a pose that left their tongues wagging.

Her dress code is something that shows a new phase of trend in the South Sudanese Society. Beautifully looking or rather hot, Mary Boyoi marries golden chains and white underwear which held tightly to her ikuku. She happily shows off her golden property. Before her huge smile, her smooth legs and thighs drew the attention of the fans. There could only be huge applause and murmur and tongue biting for the men who follows her.

The trending picture has caused a stir among the South Sudanese on social media. Some have admired her while others were left blushing. The singer who flew last month to Tanzania to do a collabo with the Tanzania Star Harmonize seems to be pretty enjoying the stay.


Mary Boyoi and Harmonize/Photo Courtesy of Mary Boyoi

For Mary Boyoi, this is something to put her haters under her feet. And there are just but a lot more. She recently threatened people who are jealous of her music to be out of the league very soon. These threat were not taken slightly by the fans. Some sympathize with her while others hit at the haters.

Mary Boyoi, despite her music being mocked, she still wins her fans’ hearts by constantly surprising them and boldly expressing herself and love for music.

It is no doubt that after the release of her song; All I need is Love, Mary continue to flood social media with surprises which bag her hundreds of share and views across all Platforms.

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