Man who had sex with a donkey blames Covid-19

A Kenyan man who had sex with a donkey has developed severe penile pain after getting done with the act. He was reportedly taken to hospital after his condition worsened.

The man [name withheld] is reported to have grabbed the donkey at a yard in Kiminini, a town in Western Kenya and committed the unnatural act.

According to witnesses, the donkey was sick and its owners had gone to look for a vet to treat it when the man bounced on the animal.

A boy who had caught the man on the act alerted the donkey’s owner who with the help of others confronted the suspect.

He confessed to the offence, but defended his action and instead blamed Covid-19 for his sex thirst. According to Kenya’s Standard Media,

The suspect said since March, he has been on long dry spell due to the coronavirus pandemic which has made it risky to have it with a woman.

“I decided to do it with the animal because I feared contracting coronavirus by sleeping with a woman,” the suspect said.

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