Man weeps for Shirikaat: Africa’s biggest slum in the making

KiberaKibera/Nairobi, Kenya's biggest slum. Photo Credit/Courtesy: David Levene

One man who has foreseen the future because of lack of housing plan in Juba – which is also the only visible part of the Republic of South Sudan, has throw onto Facebook his partly biased opinion.

The man argued that Shirikaat is going to become the next biggest slum in Eastern Africa and overtaking Nairobi – Kenya’s Kibera which currently holds the first position. Kibera has been one of the low life zones in Eastern Africa for years of which 2021 is included.

According to the man, the high influx rate and rural to urban migration of the South Sudanese is definitely going to affect the structure of the Juba city. The ghetto nature of the Shirikaat is already ground breaking.

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Shirikaat is located over on the otherside of the Juba Bridge near Gumbo. The area has been accommodating new arrivals from both East Africa and Rural South Sudan.

It is a fast growing suburb of Juba City with dozens and thousands busy people who struggle to make both ends meet on a daily basis.

There are hawkers, khiosks, small restuarants, nadis and all sorts of small businesses. There are also big businesses.

A part from businesses, the area is also experiencing some of the biggest land disputes in Juba just like Mangaten and Thongpiny areas.


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