Man pleads to Achai Wiir & other well wishers for a needy person

The needy disable man in KonyoKonyo, Juba/Photo Courtesy of John Ngamwa

A South Sudanese man named John Ngamwa has taken to social media to plead for help for a disable man he often sees in the same street for more than three years.

According to him, he always see him in Konyokonyo near Kush Bank for more than 3 years and always try his best to offer him with a few pounds. But due to his capacity, he could not alone turn around the man’s life. He now wants the general public’s attention so that at least, well wishers could do something for the man.

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Achair Wiir is undoubtedly the most generous South Sudanese. Her extended hand has put a huge smile on the faces of needy persons and tremendously changed their lives.

Last month, Achai and her team have helped disable people with wheelchairs across Juba every Sunday.

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Courtesy of Achai Wiir
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Courtesy of Achai Wiir
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Courtesy Achai Wiir

Achai is a business lady and philanthropist inspiring South Sudanese from all walks of life. Her generous is well spoken and noticed across South Sudan and beyond.

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