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Recent Press Release Co-Signed by Malong and Pa’gan is a manifestation of desperation

Opinion by Badi Bangwa Ndama – Pretoria, South Africa.

On November 18, 2020, a shallow press release co-signed by Gen. Paul Malong and Pa’gan Amum Okiech in desperate attempt to purport relevance was circulated through social media platforms.

The press release appeared on a fake letterhead purported to be for South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA). The content of the release is, the duo who claim being SSOMA by virtue of an imaginary “Hague Declaration of Principles” have called for reconciliation in SSOMA as a contributory factor to unity of the people of South Sudan.

There is no document belonging to SSOMA called Hague Declaration of Principles. The Declaration of Principles signed in Hague is not called Hague Declaration of Principles and by definition, it is a simple document with detailed objectives of SSOMA, it is not an establishment document with reference to what parties constitute the SSOMA and thus Malong and co should vitiate their unnecessary misinterpretation of documents.Legal grounds for SSOMA are the Terms of Reference that Malong Violated and the Charter that he refused to signed. Anchoring oneself to SSOMA as a name serves no purpose.

The substance of it is what SSOMA is up to and not the name. Malong never believes in workings of SSOMA and thus his failure to observe its basic laws. Public should note that the main message of the recent press release was not a call for reconciliation but sought for relevance. After having exposed their vulnerability through arrogance and double-dealing, the duo are scrambling to only anchor themselves on a twig, desiring to remain relevant in the political equation as that matures their hidden deal timely. Both Malong and Pa’gan are vulnerable because they have no political agenda or cause but to recycle themselves back to the government for furtherance of their corrupt schemes as they did previously.

They are not representing any grieving section and thus are not enjoying any support among South Sudanese or internationally. They have no forces to champion any cause militarily given the dictatorial tendencies of the regime in Juba that cannot be opposed nonviolently. What leverage does Malong and Pa’gan have over Thomas Cirillo and the young intellectuals that are currently manning the true SSOMA? None but pretension.

Readers should understand that Gen. Paul Malong’s SSUF/A is on suspension from SSOMA for a number of reasons including among others:(a) Breach of channels of communication.

(b) Communication with government of South Sudan on separate irregular peace agreement that he wanted to regularize through Rome Process and thus invoking the futility of the process.

(c) Posing as obstacle to SSOMA charter and subsequent refusal to sign it on condition that he never wants federalism among others.

(d) That he must be leader of SSOMA on grounds that even if Pa’gan Amum and Oyay Deng Ajak were Senior to him in the former hierarchy of the Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), they in actual sense are only from Chollo (Shilluk) and won’t amount to anything bigger than what they are in South Sudan because Shilluk are a minority section and according to him, they were also haters deserving of no responsibility. He too expressed contemptuously in ridicule of people from the Equatoria region and particularly the kingpin, Gen. Thomas Cirillo that they were weak and characteristically coward and therefore cannot lead the nation and by those virtues, neither of the above was fit to lead. Malong claims to be the only leader in SSOMA, the rest should only back him up for achievement of his personal goals.

The suspension of SSUF/A in SSOMA has not been rescinded immediately upon Malong’s disdainful request, rather it was subjected to investigation. In spite of that, Malong continued to mislead Pa’gan whose party lost the membership of SSOMA for refusal to sign the charter as a veto to keep Malong in SSOMA even when he had contravened several of SSOMA’s basic provisions including Terms of Reference among many other basic regulations. By so doing, Pa’gan desired to promote impunity. This is by supporting a law breaker. That is bad leadership and thus must not be supported. Rule of law is important. Their recent fake call for reconciliation on a fake SSOMA letterhead was prompted by desperation and a desire to spoil the Rome Process. Malong has fully negotiated a deal with Juba and he wants to regularize this in Rome so as to cover his contacts and likeminded among government’s delegates to Rome talks, among whom is the Chief negotiator; Nhial Deng as was reflected in Malong’s press release when he returned from Rome after SSOMA rejected him as he wandered in hotels. He later on lied through a press release that Rome talks weren’t progressive.

The truth was, two important documents namely, Recommitment to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) and the declaration of Principles were initialed before SSOMA delegates could leave Rome and also two important dates were set, November 11, 2020, for the workshop encompassing CTSAMVM leadership and the representatives of the warring factions, this was generally an enlightenment on inclusion to CTSAMVM of SSOMA and how CTSAMVM works, and another important date set was November 30, 2020 for return to talks. The workshop was conducted without Malong and Pagan because they are not part of SSOMA and they do not even have to commit to anything due to lack of agenda.

The duo are only self-seeking-disgruntled-political-hunters-looking-for-opportunities-in-the-expense-of-the-downtrodden-masses. Having not participated in the previous round of talks and later in the workshop made the duo in question mad and thus had to resort to writing press releases on desperate attempts to find relevance. The recent fake press release is in contravention of laid down procedures to be undergone by SSUF/A. You don’t call for reconciliation while on suspension, you follow due process. That is simple logic. By this, Malong was covering up his guilt by initiating new media spat as that bury his irrelevance in the political equation because he is not telling public the truth that politics has become too hard for him that he has rendered himself obsolete. He is not telling the public that his only remaining option is to follow his heart and travel to Juba as detailed by his secret deal. His recent press release is actually a cry over spilled milk. Malong has known that he has no political platform after his attempt to destroy SSOMA failed.

His deal with some members of the government works well when he destroys SSOMA. As SSOMA keeps itself safe from being destroyed by Malong, the dividends per his deal lessen. Telling public that he is welcoming into fake SSOMA the true SSOMA that is made up of four parties namely, NAS, NDM-PF, SSNMC, UDRM/A is out of ignorance and empty pride. With such press releases Malong is persistently engraving his desire to continue undermining parties that constitute SSOMA. He overlooks all leaders in SSOMA except when he wants their help. Gen. Paul Malong has no relevance in opposition because he has brokered a deal in contravention of the alliance guiding documents and should cease from deceiving the public with his uncalled for press releases. He has to focus on his deal. Period.


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