Malakal Incident is a Massacre – NDM

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The onset of political ideological intolerance is becoming a threat to the new governor’s leadership and stability in the Upper Nile State.

Governor Abudhok¬† Ayang’s arrival was marred with impunity as according to sources, rogue elements charged on the crowd welcoming the governor and indiscriminately opened fire on them.

The chaos disrupted the event although order was restored. But latest reports show that the civilians are being hinted and killed in parts of Malakal by Militia who are suspected to be from the government side.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) party headed by Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin has condemned the recent attacks and termed it massacre. The letter is below.

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There has been undercover mission by groups of militia to wage war against the leadership of the new governor. At the time of his appointment, a few individuals criticized his appointment and he was seen as threat. Some people were directly from Apadang members others from his own IO party.

Malakal is hotspot of conflict as the land cases not solved between Dinka Apadang and the indigenous people of the land Chollo are not yet solved by the concerned authority and they are highly contributing to the disputes apart from political indifference in the region.

The issue of insecurity is otherwise becoming a huge threat to the people living in the heart of Upper Nile State – Malakal.

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