Maj. Gen. Makur Kulang Liei has selected the best team to work with him, “crossing what we call Decision danger Zones”, is a commendable approach

Maj. Gen. Makur KulangMaj. Gen. Makur Kulang

Opionion by: Cde Yol Akol Yol

Member of SPLM


While an open mind is commendable, it is commendable only when its owner has the courage to decide. That courage then clears the mind for action after all sides of a question have been considered.

None of us is perfect, and not all of our decisions will be good ones. But if you get into the habit of making decisions and acting on them, the experience will help you develop your judgment. It is better to be right fifty percent of the time and get something done than it is to get nothing done because you are afraid to be wrong.

Former president Ronald Reagan said he learned the importance of decision-making early in life. An aunt had taken him to a cobbler to have a pair of shoes made for him. The shoemaker asked young Ronald Reagan, “Do you want a square toe or a round toe?”

Ronald hemmed and hawed. So the cobbler said, “come back in a day or two and let me know what you want.” A few days or later the shoemaker saw Reagan on the street and asked what he had decided about the shoes. ” I still haven’t made up my mind,” the boy answered. ” Very well,” said the cobbler.

When Reagan received the shoes, he was shocked to see that one shoe had a square toe and the other a round toe. “Looking at those shoes every day taught me a lesson,” said Reagan, years later. ” If you don’t make your own decisions, somebody else will make it for you!”.

Congratulations to you my dear chairman and governor of lakes State Rumbek for making a wonderful selection.  The like of comrade majur mayuom Awan, Stephen mathiang Deng, Ben. Makuer mabor Nak, William Koji kerjok,  ustaz Kongor Deng Kongor Deng Kongor, Cde majok Anhiem Dhal, Arop kumbai Dhalbeny, mapuor Malek malual,  madam suad makoi mangok, Angelina Mario lamba, and our able young lady Akec kuc- niin has really shown me that you have outstanding leadership approach on how to choose wisely in an age of options.

My gratitude to you comrade may Almighty Allah bless you and your family.

The sovereign God has made us people, not puppets. We have his word to guide us, His love to redeem us, and His assurance to make us capable to make choice choices.

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