Machar’s Indirect Detention

FILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File PhotoFILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File Photo

Moses G Dang

There is one simple fact that SPLM-IO Juba under Dr. Machar failed to comprehend, one worst-case scenario is indirect detention of SPLM-IO former chairman Dr. Machar.

Before his loose peace agreement with the South Sudan government, all SPLM-IO acolytes plus SPLM-IO partners rallied behind him in hopes of pursuing the right direction for the movement. Now, he is in tight detention, where his bodyguards are his enemies. Who has to be blamed for his worst decisions that later on ended him in the hands of the enemy? If not because of the deadly numbness mindset, what makes some individuals think that the South Sudan government shall implement peace and hold elections with the prisoners?

Dr. Machar is just being used for economic recovery and that is. What can make you think as well that an entire SPLM-IO movement has failed merely because Dr. Machar failed to manage the system and ruin up his democratic advocacy? His communication with SPLM-IO leaders who are not in Juba is subject to recorded by national security because the government doesn’t want him having any further communication with his forces.

How should he have managed to be in control of the forces that are being humiliated by the government he continues serving? He was respected and obeyed, yet he is still respected and obeyed, but it was up to him to go to Juba for insecure peace implementation. He couldn’t expect everyone to go to jail with him, even Simon Peter didn’t go to jail with Jesus instead. In addition, SPLM-IO in Juba cannot mislead the entire population of South Sudanese; everyone knows that that peace implementation is not going to go anywhere because Dr. Machar is a prisoner who is just being used for concrete reasons by the government of South Sudan and the International Communities. Besides some people sometimes claim that because Dr. Machar brought independence to South Sudan, well, it doesn’t mean that he can’t fail in achieving other goals. If International Community didn’t commit to imposing referendums on the Sudan government.

Dr. Machar shouldn’t succeed in gaining the goal because of his everyday tentative management systems. On the other hand, the same International Community that helped him with South Sudan independence is now helping South Sudan government to keep him in indirect detention. Sacrifice with no backup plan is nothing in politics.

No one wants to abandon the cause, but if he did it himself, why usually whining too much of this and that while not even able to get him out of the dark cell he has chosen to be in? If he is free of indirect detention, let’s him come to reorganize the movement so that he continues fighting for the cause to bring perpetrators of 2013 to justice. That’s the core of the focus today and yesterday. If he is not able to break the chain, whose fault is it? SPLM-IO aims shouldn’t be as simple as encouraging everyone to join the government because of one-man failure. Other South Sudanese politicians are capable to carry on the duty. If chooses to be a 3rd class citizen in your own country, go ahead and give in yourself. What makes you think that you can topple the regime while you’re powerless?

Moses G. Dang South Sudan concern Citizen and community activist


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