Machar’s Aid to Egypt Call for the Removal of his Chairman, Accuses him of failure

CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Dr. Riek Machar’s aid to the Arabs Republic of Egypt, Both Yich Yat, calls for the removal of his boss saying he no longer fit to lead the movement. In an exclusive interview with RB from Cairo, the outspoken diplomat said, he thought Dr. Machar was up to the job of delivering the people of South Sudan from the burden of oppression and suffering, but wrong.

“He has failed to bring genuine Peace to the People. He has failed to provide preferred Security Arrangements to the IO forces and its supporters. He has failed to convince the world about his fake Democratic system, by appointing his family members in the top positions of the country cabinet affairs”

The representative accuses Machar of failing to unite the Nuer tribe which are his fundamental vehicle to the top leadership in the country.

“He has failed to unite the Nuer tribe in which he uses gained his support from. He loves his family more than the (The Nuer). He is a dictator and a disaster to the Freedom Fighters. He has failed to win war despite of all opportunities available for a leader to win”

The SPLM/A-IO chairman and currently the First Vice President of South Sudan faced political exodus from his camp to that of IG. All those who left him accused him of failing to defeat President Kiir and turning IO into a family business.

 Both said Dr. Machar is a clannist known for asking his followers of which clans they come from before getting to know their capacity to fight the regime. This, he said, is a strategy to identify which clan he wants to favour within the IO.

The representative now calls for the removal of his chairman citing his failures. He endorsed Hon. Duer Tut Duir, a political rival to Dr. Riek Machar seen as a possible replacement by many oppositions to IO leadership.

Both was appointed officially in February 2019 as an envoy to Egypt. 

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