“Machar to be removed soon” former aide to Cairo

CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.CDE. BOTH YIECH YAT, SPLM-IO Chapter Chairman in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Former SPLM/A-IO aide to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Amb. Both Yich Yat has revealed moves to replace First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar is loading and will be announced soon. 

Speaking to Ramciel on Tuesday from Cairo, Egypt, Yich said preparation is underway to announce the replacement of South Sudan’s First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny from the leadership of the Armed Opposition, SPLM/A-IO. 

Yich, who was the former aide of Machar to Cairo, has abandoned the First Vice President’s camp two years ago citing “leadership failure.” 

He is now a leading member of the SPLM/A-IO reformist with a vision of removing both President and Machar from the position of power. But he said, for that to happen, the reformists will first replace Machar with Hon. Duer Tut Duir “to effectively reformed” the rebels’ movement for real change. 

Yich said Machar’s removal is soon approaching. 

“The removal of Riek Machar is loading and will take place at any time soon, since his failure and surrendering, become clear to all SPLM-IO members worldwide.”

He accuses Machar of failing the SPLM/A-IO and the only way forward is to remove him from the position of power. 

“Riek dismissal from the SPLM/A-IO’s leadership is the only way forward, for better Political Organization, and for real peace to prevail in the world’s youngest Nation (South Sudan). We are tirelessly doing our best to push him out of IO’s leadership as soon as possible.”

“As you have heard about the ongoing attacks to the SPLA-IO Fighting forces in their various camps across the country by the Government forces while Riek is with them inside the capitol (Juba),  it is an indication that Dr. Riek is done politically & militarily, and all those incidents, are the consequences of the fake peace accord (R-ARCSS) which was signed by him with his friend Kiir.”

Yich vowed that the reformists have no option but to push with the agenda for change. 

“That’s why Reformists are here and there for Change & genuine Peace in South Sudan. We have no other option apart from this!”

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