Machar considers sending delegates to Ulang County to control White Army preparing to attacks Baliet

Dr Riek Machar Teny Dr Riek Machar Teny (Photo by Getty images)

FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny will send delegates to Ulang County, Upper Nile State as the news of the White Army preparing to attack Baliet and its surrounding villages reach his desk on Sunday morning.

Sources familiar with Machar’s decision told Ramciel via WhatsApp that the FVP is deeply disturbed and concerned and consider sending delegates to Ulang County to control the situation before taking different shapes.

The same source said Machar considers holding accountable members in the Movement or the White Army who are planning to lead civilians to war with the neighboring counties.

He said White Army should not deliberately taking revenge despite their family members killed in Akoka and Baliet in January 2021.

“His Excellency First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny is concerned and deeply disturbed by the news reaching him that there are elements within the White Army preparing to carry out a revenge attack. He will send delegates to Ulang very soon to stop this useless revenge idea. It is time for peace. Those relatives killed in Akoka and Baliet last month or so should be handle by the government.”

Machar will send prominent leaders familiar with White Army in the area. These are SPLM/A-IO cadres who have a deep relationship with the White Army leaders in both counties: Ulang and Nasir.

“I don’t know if you know Hon. Kech Nguth. He is well respected in the Ulang area and has a strong connection with the White Army. He knew their leaders and he can stop this mission. Machar believes he is the right man for this task. Another person is Hon. Duol Kuon Thian. He is currently the commissioner of Nasir country. The two will be commissioned to visit both counties soon to bring the situation under control.”

In January a boat carrying civilians from Malakal to Ulang and Nasir was attacked by the soldiers and members of Dinka Apandang in Baliet and Akoka killing several on spot. The news was not taken well by the victims’ families.

Speaking to a resident in Ulang on Sunday by WhatsApp, Gatwech dismisses the rumors of the White Army planning to take revenge and says Machar should not bother to send delegates to Ulang since nothing like that is happening.

“I am speaking to you now in a tea place. I have not heard any member of the White Army planning or mobilizing to attack our neighbors in Akoka or Baliet. Yes, people were killed by the Dinka Apandang in Baliet two months ago but no plans currently to revenge. They were told to stop and these things can be handled locally.”

Gatwech blames social media for spreading false information of fear to the general public. He says the government should do more to control those who make it their job to scare people.

“The internet warriors are the ones planting bad seeds yet they live far away from the country. We don’t have a history of fighting our brothers and sisters from Akoka and Baliet. This is the situation is brought by political division in the country.”

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