Machar Considers Presidency Dissolved, Hint to Request Kiir

June 14, 2020 (RB), Main Armed Opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar, the current First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan is said to have suggested for the presidency to be dissolved, a source close to the First Vice President told Ramciel Broadcasting on Sunday.

There is a lot of confusion, crucial issues relating to the implementation of the peace agreement are lurking behind the timeline. This week, the president surprised the nation after the appointments of the top ex-rebels deputy chief of staff for administration, Lt. Gen. James Koang Chuol Ranley to lead the training sector of the SSPDF. A position that is aimed to dismantle Machar’s group, political commentators reportedly suggested.

The popular ex-rebels general much admired by the opposition received praises by his adherents within South Sudan and outside the country on Friday. Koang is the most disciplined SPLA military general since his times with late Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

His appointment disgusted Machar, and the rebel’s leader sees no reason to push for the implementation because president Kiir already began giving army generals assignment. While the unified forces are supposed to be graduated, Kiir seems to focus his energy beyond the fairy tales of the rebels’ dream for the peace implementation.

The source said Machar hasn’t discussed this suggestion with the president, but it is an open secret that he definitely will.

“He thinks the country should remain with only two principals to run the country. 5 Vice presidents system is expensive for a poor nation like South Sudan”

“He shared this idea last week while having family dinner with friends. He knows Kiir will not implement this agreement. He believed he had been trapped to Juba by the International Community”

South Sudan civil war killed nearly 500,000 over the past 7 years, millions displaced to the neighbouring countries seeking protection, hundreds of thousands trapped inside the UNMISS protection sites across the country, and millions reported to be starving.

The peace implementation is dreadlocked, the cantonments for the unifying forces are collapsing, and the states governments are not yet formed. The world’s young nation is facing unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic with tops generals killed by the virus since April.

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