Machar aid to Japan, Gatdet Bol hits at IO supporters for criticizing president Kiir

Dr Riek Machar Teny Dr Riek Machar Teny (Photo by Getty images)

Hon. Gatdet Bol Bagoong, the former commissioner of Maiwut County and FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s aid to Japan hits hard at his former boss supporters for disparaging President Kiir.

Bol said Machar supporters are “hypocrites for criticizing the president” of the same things their chairman is doing.

In a statement posted on the social media seen by Ramciel on Thursday, the message was not received well by SPLM/A-IO members across the world,

Bol argues that condemning president Kiir of either corruption, nepotism, or whatever, should not be the point since Machar is doing “perhaps even” worst.

He said the supporters should be the last to condemn the recent appointment made by the president appointing Thiik Mayardit, a nephew to the president as the Executive Director in the Office of the President.

“SPLMIO supporters should be the last to condemn the recent appointment by the President of Thiik Mayardit as new deputy executive director in his office.”

Bol wondered why are these criticisms calling it “hypocrisy?

“I have been reading statements from Dr. Riek Machar’s movement circle criticizing the president of this move as wrong. Why? Isn’t hypocrisy? Is this not what SPLMIO chairman have been doing appointing his relatives and business partners of his family to positions of government?”

Hon. Gatdet abandoned SPLM/A-IO after serving it for 5 years in Japan. He was among the very few who massively contributed to the establishment of the movement in its early years-2014.

He broke away from Machar in 2018 when the chairman failed to intervene in the Maiwut situation that escalated causing Maj. Gen. Ochan Puot joined president Kiir declaring Maiwut under government control.

Since then, Bol has been a critic of Machar leadership.

“After all, Thiik was appointed as deputy executive director, not as Deputy chairman of SPLM for him to get to power after Kiir. Why not question Riek Machar’s continuous undeserved appointments of his family?

Why not questions the recent appointment of Mama Angelina’s maternal uncle’s Son Abudhok as the Upper Nile state government?

He urged Machar supporters to think of this game before it is too late.

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