Machar aid to Cairo accuses leader of surrendering, abandoned soldiers in the bushes

FILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File PhotoFILE PHOTO: South Sudan’s First Vice President Riek Machar. REUTERS/Samir Bol/File Photo

Former Machar’s aid to the Arabs republic of Egypt, Amb. Both Yiech, a senior member of the SPLM/A (IO) reformists accuses First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny of surrendering and abandoning hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the bushes of South Sudan.

Yiech a vocal IO reformist said the chairman went to Juba as a peace partner to president Kiir and now he is rejected by the president.

“Riek went to Juba as a peace partner to Kiir although Kiir had rejected him in the first place.”

Yiech, his group lead by former Sobat State, hon. Duer Tut has asked Machar to consider going to Juba without a proper security arrangement, but the Chairman refused and now he is stranded because the government is not interested in implementing the peace agreement.

“What we were asking him for; is he should refuse going to Juba, if he is loyal to the IO basic principles and values as a freedom fighter, because the Government doesn’t want to implement the R-ARCSS in the very beginning. But he went in, because he trusts his wife, who is the head of the security for the SPLM-IO.” He told Ramciel from Cairo.

As result, left with no alternative, he said they chose the struggle against Kiir and his leader, Hon. Duer consider Machar as defector from the movement since he violated the agreement.

“Then, we chose to continue with the Struggle, under new leadership (H.E Duer Tut Duer and consider Riek as a defector from the IO since he has violated the R-ARCSS too!”

Asked whether the First Vice President is under detention. He believes Machar is not in detention but using it to confused the army that he left in the bushes.

“I think, he is not in the detention. But he can use it to confuse the Mass!

The point is that, IO is a Nationwide Movement fighting for Change and real peace in the Country.  That’s why, whoever has signed an Agreement that preserve only interests of the few not people or who doesn’t represent the issue of the War Victims and the Forces, must be considered as a defector from the IO. THAT’S WHY we had denounced Taban Deng group last time. And Now the same with Riek and his wife!”

“To us now, [ because the soldiers and the Innocent civilians who are still in the POC were betrayed by Riek by accepting the fake peace with the killer Kiir.

We consider him as a defector!”

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