Mabior Garang brands SPLM-IO as unfinished “Luak” which its owners will remain with it

Photo/Courtesy: Captain Mabior Garang de Mabior, son of the late Freedom Fighter John Garang de MabiorPhoto/Courtesy: Captain Mabior Garang de Mabior, son of the late Freedom Fighter John Garang de Mabior

The son of the freedom fighter [Dr. John Garang de Mabior] who is also an SPLM-IO member has in a message branded his own political party as “Luak” which is loosely translated to a place where cattle are kept.

The vocal leader who is seen as a man that is closely following his father’s footsteps has been criticizing and drifting away from a party he so much offers himself for in the recent. This was unleashed by his bold resignation from his position of deputy Interior Minister though the message was more detailed on what he termed as failed peace implementation.

When the dark clouds of 2013 gathered and the bloody storm of December hit, we all ran for shelter in the UNFINISHED LUAK called IO. The storm has now subsided and the people who own the luak have become known and they will remain with their luak.

We who sought shelter there must not be confused and think the luak belongs to us. It was a place for all of us to shelter from a deadly storm. The owners of the luak have said the storm is over and everyone must go to where they come from

Hon. Mabior Garang Mabior

Mabior has been injecting the media with so much information and so hard for a near case which might as well be compared to Duer Tut’s loyalists who claim to reform the party of SPLM-IO and whatsoever, no progress is yet made on both reformists’ sides.

The bold case is however the stands of Mabior Garang de Mabior whose statement shows what SPLM-IO critics see as a one man party.

Many have accused DR. Riek Machar, the Chairman of the party of nepotism and that he does not fight for the common good of the SPLM-IO people and South Sudan as whole.

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