Lul Simon: The shining star’s musical journey reflection, how it all started and where it is going

Guitar lulLul Simon/photo courtesy: Lul Simon

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. It is electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents” – Ludwig.

There is always a deep admiration for either the song or the singer when he or she performs. Music literally draws ears to its lane and there is a lot of soothing smoothness feeling gained from it. One of those whose music intertwines with the hearts of its listeners is the musical genius Lul Simon.

As many create their music out to gain fame, invest in or for simply the love of it, Lul Simon, the musical philanthrope and the gifted talent, has an exceptional musical journey with inspiration that many would give heed to.

It all began with demise of his loving mother Martha Nyaboth Miyong Kuoth in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya. This was the turning point in the star’s life. The South Sudanese musical star was visited by his talent and he would at times find himself singing songs that waved through his mind. There was usually a clear line drawn in between the consolation and communication which awarded life with meaningful reasons.

Often times, the star would involuntary become emotional in response to the sweet harmonic melodies that popped up – it was the beginning of his journey and music gradually became a form of higher revelation in his life.

While in high school, music became the cornerstone that nursed the foundation that moulded him to be vocally and lyrically enthusiast. This paved way for his participation and represented his school at the Kenyan High School Music Festival which is held annually to encourage talent and the art of music.

Lul gained courage and abundantly believed in himself, leading to the booth and recorded his first hit song Banjek at the end of the calendar year – 2017. Subsequently, his musical career shot and it began with a captivating popular tone (South Sudan Diva) which many still dance to, and the top RnB song in South Sudan. The song topped radio charts and bombarded Juba and across South Sudan at the time of its release.

Despite such a sweet tone that became the favourite of many music fans, South Sudan Diva was embedded in the star’s struggle at the time – looking for a stable management that would render things easy but he was not lucky enough.

In the dawn of his career, Covid-19 sneaked in and halted, barricading the path that would venture his success. It was quite difficult to raise funds for his other projects which would boost his upcoming. So Lul was caught up in the beginner’s struggle and faced the hardship like many other upcoming South Sudanese talented artists. The shows were glued static by the Covid-19 health protocols and the social gathering restriction massively impacted the journey.

Earlier this year, the star decided to put his music on hold and with high hopes according his decision, he plans to get back when things work out for the good.

Lul Simon is one of the talented South Sudanese artists that are raising the musical flag of South Sudan to world class level. Without support, it will be difficult for the artists to elevate their talent and thus to support Lul Simon, Kindly subscribe to his YouTube LUL SIMON follow him on Instagram@lulsimon211 and Like his Facebook pageLul Simon(South Side Pride)

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