List of Generals & Officials South Sudan lost in one month

12/06/2020 – (JUBA)—the cause of most deaths is Covid-19, Covid-19 related and others as result of cardiac arrest.

  1. Brig.Gen. Ajang John Jok Ajang; he passed on 27th April 2020 in Juba and was working as the deputy director of South Sudan National Police Service in Bor, Jonglei
  2. Major General Matoc Akol Dot passed on 5th May 2020 and was working as a police officer at the Ministry of Interior in Juba
  3. Maj. Gen. Tang Wal Lual 8th May 2020 a member of SSDPF
  4. Professor Aggrey Ayuen Magok, 9th May 2020. He was former Vice Chancellor of Rumbek University and Dr.John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology
  5. Brig.Gen Rekeboam Arem Kuon Nia, 9th May 2020 former military teacher who taught since 1995 and at New Cush Military Training centre
  6. Sultan Nyal Chan Nyal, 11th May 2020, paramount chief of Awan Chan Section of Warrap
  7. Gen. John Madeng Gatduel Deng, 13th May 2020, head of SSDFs logistics at Bilpam, Juba
  8. Let. Gen Marial Nuor Jok, 18th May 2020, former head of military intelligence
  9. Let.Gen Liah Diu Deng passed on 13th May 2020 and was among the first group who fired bullets at Wangkei Sudanese Garrison in Western Upper Nile and was later transferred to GoSS prisons
  10. Justice Bullen Panchol Awal Alier, 14th May 2020 was a former judge at the Supreme court of Sotuh Sudan serving under the ministry of Justice
  11. Sultan Deng Macham Angui 19th May 2020 was the chairman of South Sudan Councils of Chiefs in Juba
  12. Brig.Gen Tenfiz Bol Ater on 24th May 2020 was a businessman
  13. Hon. Nyang Lul Gai obn 24th May 2020 was a member of the parliament
  14. Let. Gen. Andrew Monydeng Kuot 22nd May 2020 a director at the National Prisons
  15. Brig.Gen Bol Nyuol Mathiang 23rd May 2020, former education attaché of the South Sudan Embassy to Nigeria
  16. Lt Gen. Manyok Dut on 26th May 2020 in Juba, an official and officer at SSPDFs
  17. Maj.Gen Arou Maan Chot on 22nd May 2020 was the first commissioner of Bor County and National MP in 2010 General Elections
  18. Gen. Athian Achiec 18th May in Juba
  19. Col. Kur Nyang on 18th May was an administrator at Bilpam for SSPDFs
  20. Maj.Gen Majier Riak Makol 14th May was a military officer at Bilpam, Juba
  21. Ambassador Paul Macheui Malok 17th May in Juba, Giada Military Hospital
  22. Honourable Ajuong Abundit Mayuol Kuie 28th May, first Governor of Bahr el Ghazal state, Aweil and a graduate too
  23. Sultan Majokdit Akuak Mayen 1st June 2020 was great paramount chief of Jaile Payam of Bor County, Jonglei State
  24. Monydiar Maker murdered on 12th June at his home by SSPDfs in his home in Lakes States due to connections with 7th October Movement
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