Leave or get killed: Army general wants to Kill land owner to be happy

File PhotoSome of the evicted family members speaking to Eye Radio on 17th November 2020/Photo Courtesy: Eye Radio

A family in Juba have been living in fear because a military general in Juba has said that he would only be happy if he kills somebody among them said a family member.

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According to one family member who spoke to Eye Radio, the general issues death threats over the land ownership in Juba. The land is being apparently disputed by the general from the Tiger Division and the family which said to have been inhabiting the place since 1994.

“The general swore that he will kill someone because of the plot. And if he does not kill somebody he won’t be happy,” she told Eye Radio.

Gen. Francis, who is said to be under the SSPDF Tiger Division, which protects President Salva Kiir, allegedly had houses bulldozed at Hai Game North on 17 November – claiming that he bought the plot from Juba City Council.

“At around 9:00, the general came riding in a car and called out a boy called Onyango. When Onyango approached him, the general held the boy at gunpoint as he slapped his face several times. The rest of the family members ran away – to a nearby swamp,” Chief Aya explained to Eye Radio.

Military officers have been grabbing land in South Sudan and topic of land grabbing gives upper such powerful individuals who abuse their power.

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