Leaked | Senior Government Official Requests Hamduk for Reunification of the Sudans.

File Photo: Prime Minister Hamduk of Sudan and Republic of South Sudan President in J1 during his visit in Juba. Source: Radio Dabaga

25/06/2020, (RB) – a senior South Sudanese government official had on Tuesday this week asked the Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamduk to revisit his under cover mission of Sudans reunification.

According to a secretary in his office whose name is withheld for security purposes, the government official had through his office sent a secrete letter to the Sudanese Prime Minister whose counterpart vowed to unite the two Sudans after seizing power from Omar el Bashir on April last year.

“I don’t think if it will work. But it could pose a possible challenge to this Revitalized Transitional Government” Said the man.

In the recent months, the Sudanese peace talks (Between Government and Oppositions) have been on deadlocks while being mediated over by some Senior South Sudanese government officials in the Republic of South Sudan (Juba). It is within these circumstances that the talks of which some are believed to assess the situations that might pave way for Reunification, have been touched.

This move is however a mountain that is much unthinkable to be moved but the current developments and the future of South Sudan could otherwise reveal a shocking U-turn.

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