Leaked: Salva Kiir considering Malong’s apology

Paul Malong Awan, the leader of the rebel group South Sudan United Front (SSUF) is dancing under the spotlight of forgiveness, sources leaked the news on Monday.

The man who was once thought a heir to the Kiir’s sit has been in exile since his rebellion failed to secure a seat back to serve under his former boss H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

After series of meetings engineered by the the delegates of Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, Malong’s quest to seek for forgiveness is finally coming to an end.

While Nhial Deng, the minister of Presidential Affairs visited Nairobi a couple months ago, Malong is said to have met him and later conveyed an apology message to the president.

“For a very long time, Kiir has not been interested to speak to Malong nor want anything said about him. He felt betrayed,” said a politician who spoke to RB in the afternoon of Monday.

Malong have been building links and tangible bridges back to the government but his ideologies remain without foundation. After all, if the politics matter, both would have to bury the hatchets. But Malong, is said to be optimistic about that.

His last attempt to participate in the ROME peace talks between South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA) of which he was suspended from were futile.

“Yes, the President will forgive Malong because he admitted that he made a mistake by rebellion against him [Kiir],” he added.

It is said that after Malong is forgiven, he can comfortably go back to South Sudan and serve under the umbrella of mother SPLM. This is concluded by the critics that it is a wrong move, terming his long failed rebellion as self mockery.

At the same time, many said that he still stands a chance to be reinstated to the government and given a big position. But for now, the pending issue remains the apology being under consideration by the President.

In the words of Mabior Garang, Malong is allegedly experiencing struggle fatigue

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