Late Kerubino Wol repeatedly raped while in National Security detention center

“Kill me if you want to kill me. I have suffered enough in your hands.” These were the last words spoken by the successful businessman, late Kerubino Wol Agok, the leader of the October 7th Movement.

He was shot immediately, and his body dragged into the bushes before the army took his pictures and posted them on the internet as a sign of warning.

Wol died a bitter man. And this week, Sixty 4 Tribes Press exposed that Wol was repeatedly raped while in the national security detention center in Juba.

“A Sergeant in the National Security Office Contacted our Press with information that “Captain Kerbino Wol “was raped several times while General Akol and Captain Kuot stood to watch as they filled the room with laughter and amusements.”

“They Raped Kerbino Wol several times but I didn’t participate in the act , I don’t believe we have such acts in our cultures, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes when Captain Kuot Garang Kuot Opened the Door to Kerbino’s Private cell, as some of our officers held him down to be Sodomized for hours as they took turns. “said the Anonymous National Security officer.” Sixty 4 Tribes Press reported it.

Prominent government critic, activist Peter Biar this week in an interview with SBS Dinka, a radio station based in Australia revealed that several young men from the area of Aweil were being frequently sodomized in the Blue House.

Peter was arrested in June, 2018 together with Wol. he escaped to U.S this month through emergency visa arranged by the U.S States Department.

Blue House is the main national security center were people suspected or committed crimes are detent; mostly, the political activists.  

Kerubino Wol Agok, the leader of the October 7th movement, was surprisingly captured on 15 of June [Sunday], 2020, and killed on spot at Ayen Mayar village, Rumbek East County in Lakes State.

An attempt by Ramciel Broadcasting to confirmed this story was fruitless.

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