Lady Kola falls sick as fans think Mary Boyoi sent her Juju


South Sudanese hit maker Lady Kola who has been in full blown cold and social media war with Mary Boyoi has fallen ill days after heavy war of words and partying, Ramciel has learnt.

Today morning (South Sudan time), Queen Zee, who happened to gang up with Lady Kola to criticize and blame Mary Boyoi for the death of the late Mantani, posted Lady Kola’s picture in what apparently seems to be a hospital bed in Juba. Lady Kola helplessly rests, looking so beaten.

It is not yet clear what befallen her, but according to multiple sources, it is said to be the common malaria that get on everyone’s way in the mosquitoes infested city.

“Lady Kola is feeling unwell and she is down with Malaria, and we wish her quick recovery,” said a source of information with direct knowledge of what is going on.

Despite the unwell feeling being said to be Malaria, fans had it at ago that it could have been Juju spelt on the dance hall singer by her mortal rival Mary Boyoi.

The singers Lady Kola, Queen Zee and Mary Boyoi have been massively been on the neck of each other (Queen Zee and Lady Kola vs Mary Boyoi) in the past three weeks following the death of the late Mantani of the Hard Life Avenue music band that have produced hits song, listened to across South Sudan and beyond.

Though the death of the Hard Life Avenue star became a pinnacle in their beef, it is not yet known for how long they have been holding their grudge, but due to fierce musical competition and the soaring to the peak of fame and money making, it is believed to have stayed on for a while.

All the three musicians have raised high the flag of South Sudan interms of music.

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