Kiir Promotes two rivals Army Generals from Maiwut

H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has promoted the two rival groups’ leaders from Maiwut days after Ramciel Broadcasting published a news article about the ugly Security crisis which was unfolding.

Gatluak Riek Jack

Gen. Ochan Puot has been appointed to lead the Maiwut division as the Commander. His rival, Gatluak Riek Jack is also promoted.

As for Ochan, powers have been added and he is the man on the limelight. But promotion of the two has provided an insight on the political play of the county.

This seem to have settled the rivalry over who is soon going to be the political kingpin in Maiwut county of Upper Nile State.

As for now, Ochan is the widely praised man of the hour whom even his loyalty is recognized solidly by the president.

For the government, this is a chess game. And can not afford to lose it. Therefore, the two are equally important on terms of service but their rivalry on who the kingpin shall be, remains steady.



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