Kiir Endorses UN development framework.

President Salva Kiir has endorsed a United Nations UN framework CourtesyPhotoPresident Salva Kiir has endorsed a United Nations UN framework CourtesyPhoto

President Salva Kiir has endorsed a United Nations (UN) framework aimed to forge working cooperation between the government and UN partners.

The framework also aims to effect sustainable development in post-conflict South Sudan.

The three-year-strategic plans were signed on Tuesday, November 16, by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia Lomoro on behalf of the government while Sara Beysolow Nyanti represented the UN agencies in South Sudan.

Nyanti is the UN Resident Coordinator in South Sudan.

The framework will tackle issues on transparency, accountability, inclusive governance, economic transformation and diversification, climate change and flooding mitigation, and women and youth empowerment program.

Kiir said his administration is committed to working closely with UN agencies to implement the framework in a transparent and accountable manner.

“Now there will be accountability and none of us will jump out of it. If you get a dollar, you will account for that dollar. You get ten dollars you will account for it. So, we as the government will account for whatever will be given to us,” Kiir said.

He pointed out that placing the UN at the centre of the development process would relieve his government from the blame for the misappropriation of funds.

“All of you will be my witness should there be any shortfall about all that we will agree on. And that will absolve me from the accusations by the NGO community throwing everything at the government that billions of dollars have been paid to South Sudan but they are not seeing [the money],” he said.

Nyanti, however, said peace was paramount to achieving the framework’s objective for the people of South Sudan.

“Nothing will change if we do not invest in the development and in peace,” Nyanti said.

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