Kenyan man decries the Chaos and lack of order at the Juba International Airport

Juba AirportJuba Airport's runway/Photo Courtesy

A Kenyan is shocked by the state of Oil Rich South Sudan’s Juba International Airport and he takes to social media to hilariously have it at a go.

What the man decried left his readers in stitches while some South Sudanese patriots sympathised with him.

According to him, the airport is at such a mess that he would prefer to buy his own chalk for marking his bag the next time he visits the war torn country.

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Reuben Wafula has perhaps never seen something like tthis before given that his home country is fast developing with the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) being well developed compared to the tiny Juba Airport.

Many have preserved their silence about such ‘hell’ conditions at the airport but things were different for Reuben Wafula, the shocked Kenyan man.

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