Kenyan lawyer expressed concerns with freezing of bank account of minister Dr. Martin Lomuru

Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro: gettyimagesDr. Martin Elia Lomuro: gettyimages

A prominent Kenyan lawyer came out dissatisfied with how the Kenyan government handled the corruption case of the South Sudanese minister’s bank account. Shadrack Wambui, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, is still in disbelief with how the government froze the money belonging to minister Dr. Lomuru.

He calls for due process to take place.

Recently, the Kenya government, through High Court ordered to freeze the bank account of Lomuru following accusations and a case filed by the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA). The agency detailed an amount of sh13.42 million (124,374) belonging to the minister’s bank account in Kenya.
The agency documented several transactions done in the name of the minister.

ARA accused Dr. Lomuru of money laundering. The minister decried unfair treatment by foreign powers without allowing him to present himself before the justice system.

Dr. Lomuru is now pursuing the Kenya government in the East Africa Court to reclaim his money and clear his name.

In an interview with Sawa Sawa Network host Roger Alfred Yoron, Wambui said the Kenya government has not explained its actions to the general public.

“To the extent that they have not sought an explanation from him (minister Lomuro), the proceedings have been done in a very surreptitious manner, very secretive manner, which runs contrary to the Kenyan Constitution. That act of freezing of the Account of the minister Dr. Elia Lomuro must be called to question, that action must be invalidated by the Court of law.”

“People will not be condemned or convicted and sentenced for having involved themselves in corruption if there is not sufficient evidence if the due process is not followed. If these agencies defy what the law has provided as procedures and processes, then they cannot expect rightfully so for Courts to convict people they have brought to Court. The procedure is as important as the substance of the law.”

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