Kenyan DP William Ruto declared persona non-grata at party’s headquarters – RB

FB IMG 16017038580872852Kenyan Deputy President H.E. William Ruto. Photo/Courtesy

The Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto is ‘not welcomed at party’s headquarters’ for operations that are seen to might be cement his political campaign.

William Ruto, who through Jubilee’s ticket became the deputy president of Kenya in 2013 has been at war with his party off late after the alleged fall out with the president.

Ruto boldly declared his interest for 2022 presidential race which saw him and his allies drift away from the party’s bedrock.

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Speaking to media yesterday, the Secretary General of Jubilee, Rafael Tuju said that Ruto will not be allowed at the party headquarters for his operations linked to 2022 presidential candidacy.

The Deputy party leader (DP Ruto) as a self-declared presidential candidate of 2022 will not be allowed to use party headquarters as a center for operationalization of his 2022 campaigns

Raphael , SG of Jubilee party (The Kenya’s Ruling Party since 2013)
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