Keep Adut Salva Kiir out of Your Propaganda Machinery: A Response to Santo Deng Akol By Akoc Akuei Manhiem

Her Excellency, Madam Mary Ayen Mayardit, First Lady of South Sudan .Her Excellency, Madam Mary Ayen Mayardit, First Lady of South Sudan .

Earlier this Last week, certain Santo Deng Akol fed the social media with lies contained in a witch-hunt article, accusing some businessmen and members of the First Family including a respectful, learned, and hardworking eldest daughter of President Kiir, Ms. Adut Salva Kiir.

Without any shred evidence or substantiation, Santo accused Ms. Adut and others of corruption or looting of public money to the point of comparing her with the daughter of former president of Angola.

While Isabel Dos Santos was publicly accused of using her influence as first daughter to enrich herself with billions of dollars from Angola’s public coffers, nothing of such nature has taken place in South Sudan.

No public watchdog nor responsible supreme audit institutions has pointed fingers to Ms. Adut for any wrongdoing, undercutting the sleazy claims by Santo Deng Akol.

It must be pointed out that concerned citizen, who is irritated by false propaganda targeted against innocent Adut Salva Kiir, authors this response.

Ms. Adut Salva is living a simple life and has not been meddling into governing affairs of South Sudan nor does she have any agenda to lord it on her fellow citizens.

Adut Salva Kiir has handled herself responsibly and privately throughout my encounter with her. She is respectful, learned, and hardworking in her dealing with people and institutions.

It is sad and heartbreaking to read that certain hired individuals are tarnishing her image on social media with filthy articles filled with jealousy, hatred, and hearsay. Our people, especially critics like Santo must know that freedom of expression is not a ticket to denigrate or put other people in bad light or disrepute.

Ms. Adut Salva Kiir is a wonderful human being and a patriotic daughter of this great Republic of ours. She deserves appreciation, recognition and support for her charity and philanthropic role in South Sudan.

Together with her mother, Her Excellency Mama Ayen Mayardit, the First Lady of the Republic of South Sudan, they have established and successfully run the Concern for Women and Children.

This organization under the care of the First Lady is much involved in the provision of humanitarian needs throughout the country.

Ms. Adut is a creative and visionary person. She is also the brain behind the founding of the upcoming Mayardit Family Foundation which will be a nonprofit and charity organization of the First Family in the Republic of South Sudan.

The public should also know that Ms. Adut is among the few South Sudanese who has created thousands of jobs to for nationals through her business endeavors, underscoring her hard work and dedication. She uses whatever little fortune she has and invests in the development and well-being of our people.

Blind critics are not helping themselves nor this country. They are killing our humanity, respect for others and common decency. It is a demonstration of self-hate for Santo Deng Akol to be jealous of her little resources which she deploys to deliver service and create jobs.

Santo Deng must go to the drawing board and learn that Ms. Adut Salva is not part of corruption machinery in South Sudan. She, therefore, warrants no insults, hatred, and false accusation. Truth be told, Ms. Adut doesn’t intimidate people nor meddle into politics to get rich through her father’s position. If anything, she has maintained absolute neutrality from public life for decades.

She holds no public office and has no influence in the appointment and dismissal of politicians from their duties.

The public admires her personality trait and love for South Sudan, indicating that South Sudanese are proud of her significant contribution and provision of service to South Sudan.

She merits encouragement and support to achieve and deliver more services to our people instead of belittling and falsely accusing her of things she has no clue about.

In closing, Santo Deng Akol has every right to exercise his freedom of expression or wage war against the graft, which many people see a big threat against all ideals we hold dear.

That said, fighting corruption or misuse of public resources must be done with facts, delineating concrete evidence, not just lies or unverified claims, which Santo has peddled in his previous articles.

He and other blind critics out there must pursue patriotic acts and not the agenda to destroy others.

Therefore, he must keep Ms. Adut Salva Kiir Mayardit out of his propaganda machine.

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