K-Denk attack Achai Wiir, Gordon Koang, and Promoter K2 for embarrassing South Sudanese

South Sudanese based Toronto, Canada artist, K-Denk/photo suppliedSouth Sudanese based Toronto, Canada artist, K-Denk/photo supplied


Toronto-based South Sudanese singer, and sensational rapper, K-Denk, criticized the recent peace concert organized by South Sudan’s famous promoter, Promoter K2, Philanthropist Achai Wiir and attended by king of Music Gordon Koang Douth and Tanzanian musician Diamond Platinum.

K-Denk known for speaking out against injustice and adherence advocate for peace outrageously aired his concerns regarding the recent peace concert where Tanzania singer and dancer Diamond was brought in to promote peace.
The event was attended by hundreds of thousands of people, the largest musical concert ever organized in South Sudanese history.

Although he appreciates the motive for this particular occasion, he was not impressed by some of the things that took place during the concert. For instance, he attacks Gordon Koang Douth for wearing a Salva Kiir cap in the month of December, a month where Nuer civilians were massacred by the government soldiers under Salva Kiir in the capital city, Juba.

K-Denk said Gordon was misled. He questioned whoever asked Gordon to wear the Salva Kiir cap in December saying Gordon is innocent.

“Is Gordon Koang wearing cap (SKM) on his head? In December? May whoever deceived this great brother be ignored in the name of Jesus. Is a person with a disability and should be truly cherished to the level of his dignity as a human, him being destroyed in the eye of the world is worse.”

K-Denk said the musical concert advanced president Kiir’s already bad name and what brother K2 and sister Achai Wiir put together exposed the unculturable nature of the people of South Sudan.

“This concert is an important illustration of the commitment to the goal set last few months in by brother K2 who has teamed up with sister Achai Wiir to work together on the initiative needed to advance the ‘s presidency.” He wrote to more than 120,000 followers on Facebook.

“This event was fully funded by the national government and there’s nothing wrong with that as well, there’s always a bootlicker to every dictator or wrong leader, for those who want to chew blood money, to enrich your lifestyle, choose to work with K2 and automatically you’re working with the president.”

Although he didn’t blame the Tanzania musician, he said Diamond is known for promoting the sexual music industry and that is unsettling for the South Sudan whose culture does not sustain such an uncultured behavior. He said K2 misled Diamond by telling him South Sudanese are wealthy and rich when millions of South Sudanese have no food to eat and dying across the country and in the neighboring nations.

“The progress made in corrupting the girls’ private part is normal for music artists such as Diamond , he always projects himself in encouraging the sex industry and I am not surprised that my brother had enough fun visiting our country. Again, I encourage you K2 to be a good citizen, the next time you bring a musician to South Sudan please let the musician know the situation in the country before they could go wrong with this exposure that you misled him to. That the people are wealthy and the country is at peace.”

He warned those who want to bootlick the president’s abundance of wealth and money not to drag innocents South Sudanese who do not benefit from such a luxurious lifestyle to keep their distance.

“This is not ‘s fault but you have given him very bad information about us, as a nation guided by our rising star. Be a good parasite to president Kiir, but do not demolish him too.”

K-Denk however recognized Diamond’s popularity and urges South Sudanese musicians not to compare themselves to the Tanzania Bongo artist widely known across the world for his music.

“The South Sudanese that are complaining about this event, are just jealous of the guy, there is no point comparing yourself to the level of when even the people from your very own village or our very own citizen have no idea who you are and what you’re singing or making noises about. Please always stick your nose where it is suitable for use.”

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