Juba Mediated Sudanese Peace Agreement, a Paradox of the South Sudanese Political Conflict – Bol Joseph

PHOTO/COURTESY: Middle, Tut Kew, the chief mediator of the Sudanese Peace Talks briefing press.PHOTO/COURTESY: Middle, Tut Kew, the chief mediator of the Sudanese Peace Talks briefing press.



Today marks the 220 days of the partial implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (RARCISS).
On 3rd October 2020, a similar celebration that took place in Khartoum on 12th September 2018 was experienced by the spectators of both countries i.e. the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

During the celebration of the 3rd October 2020, the missing key players of the Sudanese politics are the Al Bashir who is ‘languishing’ in the ‘Kober’ Prison in Khartoum and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the conflict of the Sudan Gen. Adam Al Hilu of the historic Nuba Mountains.

During the celebration of 12th September 2018, the missing key players of the South Sudanese politics were and still are the ‘WILL’ which is languishing in the prisons of hatred and empty tribal pride and the most valuable players refused to sign and are now part of the SSOMA in Rome peace mediation branch.

On 3rd October 2020, something similar to what happened to Al Bashir happened to H.E. President Salva Kiir Kuethpiny (Mayardit), like Al Bashir who was honoured by the most famous Tertiary Institution, the newly refurbished Prof. John Akec Apuruot managed University of Juba, H.E. SKK – Mayardit was honoured by little known Universal Peace Federation (UPF) with an infamous Award in recognition of remarkable leadership and good governance.

Euphorically, the J1 never fails to fail, a response letter was flying on the different social media groups of the mushrooming whatsApp groups and the newly introduced Telegram. An Acceptance Letter was drafted and signed by H.E.SKK-M with the improved English language of Hon. Nhial Deng infested J1.

Yes, we’re confirmed by many and ourselves as a reactionary society, we plan and react at the same time as the eventualities occur, a prior plan is seen as a bad omen and this is nilotically portrayed in beating a child who once told a canoe rocking lot at the River Nile to carry with them an extra bamboo pole to help them in case the canoe capsizes during the canoeing journey. The child is hated for bad wishes, albeit seeing the future eventualities was the basis of the child’s disaster preparedness advisory tip.
In the social media, I was hit hard by understanding the biblical ‘log in your eye’ which was captured by a graphic picture that was flying over the social media groups. The invisible splinter in the eye of the Sudanese was being removed by a South Sudanese guy whose log in the eye depicted the real pain the South Sudanese Republic is in. A pain in the eye is more painful than any other organ, this might be due to the distance proximity the eye has to the brains buds of pain and pleasure feelings. I appreciate the graphic artistry of a full human being who puts their words in pictures. Adija tops them in the Republic though.

What did I say about the UPF? An award for remarkable leadership and good governance, yes, it is both a mockery and flattery to H.E. SKK-M. However, I have a positive feeling that this mockery could be turned into reality for if it could cause a change of hardened hearts to soften to implement RARCISS, it would be much more of a praise than a mockery.
What could the President do to protect this great challenge not to go into history as a mockery?
H.E. SKK-M should do the following;

  1. Appoints Johnson Olony Thabo Dak within this week to have his ten states governors in place and would report to him on weekly basis to show he is a remarkable leader and a good head of government;
  2. Joins Dr. Riek Machar with the local government power sharing back and forth negotiations on the counties and finalize it this week;
  3. Appoints the Deputy Governors immediately after finalizing the States governments responsibility sharing in 2 above;
  4. Directs the state governments to immediately form their local government;
  5. Convenes parties to the agreement meeting to submit their RTNLA lists to the NCAC within this month, he politically said soon, H.E. SKK-M ‘soon’ means forever;
  6. Embarks on the Security Arrangements to expedite graduation of the readily trained organized forces;
  7. and above all, carry the RARCISS Booklet in everywhere he goes for this is the only legitimizing document that makes him the President, a word that seems to be the best word for our Beny as the comedy of I am the President and must remain the President proclaims.
    In conclusion, I would like to remind our President, the peace agreements have always put him first and he has failed to act first, time and again. Act first and you will remain first as you and many who support you would like it to be. In your acting first, be positive.
    The final reminder is, the UPF Award is a mockery that could be turned into a reality by positively acting first to show remarkable leadership and good governance in the RARCISS Implementation.
    You are tested by UPF and the answers are in the RARCISS Booklet and you are allowed to cheat in this test, your failure NOT to pass gives the People the right to decide over you in the near future.

The Author is a practicing Advocate and a concerned citizen in the state affairs; he can be reached on the following address;
Bol Joseph Agau Adhil
Email: bol.agau@gmail.com

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