Juba gone wild in the festive season

Juba, the capital city of South Sudan is rocked wild!

The festive season beginning with the Christmas day’s peace concert and other celebrations have put Juba into its wildest place.

A week earlier, there have been influx into the custom and Konyokonyo markets to shop for both Christmas and the New Year Eve.

Markets were filled with people joyfully shopping. Some could be seen going home with goats and a few chickens for Christmas celebrations.

Though these were just behind the scenes, the visible fact became the night concerts and clubs were clubbers gone wild.

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The Diamond Platinumz’ show blew off minds. Pictorials showing a new dimension of clubbing and how the star was received by the Juba residents.

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Supplied: Freedom Hall

Today, woke up to yet another concert but this time, a day time one.

The celebratory have rocked all angles and they are getting bigger with the approaching New Year Eve Celebrations.

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