Juba back to stone age: “Electricity money pocketted” by a zol kebir

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Corruption allegations are not new in South Sudan. Accusations and evidence of public funds embezzlement are in fact recurring.

Public expenditure mismanagement is a thing citizens lament over and over, yet no change, no action!

Today, Juba is in total darkness as power load shed by the power supplying companies JEDCO and EZRA takes full swing. The duo terminated their service till further notice because the power consumption money is not paid (The Contract).

According to sources who spoke to Ramciel Broadcasting this late evening, the money has been embezzled which led to the process of not paying the duo companies.

“This is a money that would have been paid long time ago. Look at Juba now, back to stone age. All these darkness in an upcoming city is very embarassing” laments the man who preferred condition of anonymity.

“The money have been pocketed by a big person whose name I will not mention. You know the corruption state in this country,” he added.

The two companies have sent warnings of pending payments a week before returning Juba to stone age. But there was no immediate response from the concerned authority or rather the government.

It is not yet clear when electricity will be seen again in Juba, but many still feel it is only the night alone. But with long story of failure of service delivery, it is likley to take months.

Meanwhile, Juba residents are mourning the ‘death’ of light.

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