Johnson ‘Nyikang’ Olony not ready to set foot in J1 as Upper Nile waits | RB

SPLM/A (IO) Kitwang faction supreme leader, Gen. Simon Gatwech DualSPLM/A (IO) Kitwang faction supreme leader, Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual

File photo: On the right, Gen. Johnson Olony and SPLA-IO Chief of General staff, Simon Gatwech Duel during a military exercise.

The appointment of the giant general and the Commander in Chief of the Agwelek forces continue to get strong opposition from the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party as its top elites see Gen. Johnson ‘Nyikang’ Olony as the threat to the Apadang community of Malakal who also became part of the strong rejection sphere of the ‘to be’ governor of the Upper Nile State.

On Saturday, a senior SPLM-IO member (James Gatdet Dak) who spoke to one of the media sources cleared the air that Johnson Olony would not be setting foot in Juba for appointment as part of the peace agreement protocol (appointment) to refute claims that were being circulated online about the military general having to first avails himself in the capital (on Monday) before his appointment. And in our earlier report, Johnson Olony does not want to go to Juba because of fear for his own security as there are still high tensions between him and some few SPLM-IG elites.

Sources within SPLM-IO have said that the Chairman of the party does not see any other person as the governor to be of the Upper Nile State.

“The First Vice President told Kiir that he does not see anybody else. Only Johnson Olony for the governorship of the Upper Nile State,” Said a senior official who spoke earlier to Ramciel Broadcasting on condition of anonymity.

On Friday last week (17th of June), SPLM-IO have reportedly said that the nomination of Johnson Olony is not negotiable indicating that Olony is the only nominated person they all see and have the potential to manage the delicate Upper Nile State, a choice which came under heavy criticism from Apandang community members and some SPLM-IG elites. The objection led to the standstill of the general’s appointment as the SPLM-IO nominee for the Upper Nile State gubernatorial seat.

(File photo source: Supplied)

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