Jikany Politicians in IO Have Accepted the Proposal from Padang Community

Eastern Jikany Community meeting in Khartoum, Sudan/2015: Credit Bieh Telegraph. Org

Padang Community’s recent suggestion to appoints the Petroleum Minister, Hon. Put Kang as the governor of Upper Nile and 1st Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony Thabo to become the petroleum minister is welcomed by the Jikany politicians from the SPLM-IO.

According to a senior IO politician who refused his name to be revealed but was in the meeting, he said they had agreed to this brilliant suggestion. “They want the president to quickly establish this proposal”

However, the same source indicated that current defense minister Hon. Angelina Teny is not happy with the resolution.

“They want Puot to be in the state and Olony Thabo to become petroleum minister unfortunately Angelina she is not happy about the move,” he told Ramciel Broadcasting on Sunday.

The source alleged that the First Vice President wants Angelina to replace Mr. Puot as the minister of Petroleum and Puot to go to the state. The difficulty is that the government is accepting Olony to be a defense minister.

“The meeting was well, and we notified the Apadang Community with their proposal. We welcomed it. Hopefully, the president quickly makes this possible”

Another source told Ramciel Broadcasting that this is a conspiracy to remove Hon. Puot Kang from his position.

“They want Puot to be in the state, so they deal with him there. Jikaany community especially Ulang and Nasir intellectuals from the IO are in support of this move because they want Mr. Puot to be in the state for them to remove him easily in the nearest future”

This could be the reason why the Hon. Angelina Teny is not accepting this move because if Puot loses the position at the national level and has been pushed to state, they will not have much power to protect Puot at the state level.

Puot Kang’s appointment has been disputed by many individuals within IO citing incompetency at the time. But it appears they still want him out which otherwise has been the topic among IO elites.

The swapping deals could be in much favor to the Apadang community as their voice became the stumbling block on the appointment of Gen. Johnson Olony as the governor of Upper Nile State.

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