JCE rebelling or crying wolf, what next after the statement?!!

President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and members of Jieng Council of EldersPresident of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and members of Jieng Council of Elders

By William Ezekiel

There’s no doubt anymore, the statement of the self-proclaimed Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), is very clear in its text and context, but is JCE really driving at rebelling against President Salva Kiir, or the whole issue is nothing more than just a mere crying wolf?!! Time Will tell.

It’s not a surprise, after almost seven (7) years of complete reign of terror, lawlessness, impunity, tribalism, nepotism, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, strategized killings, rape, looting in broad daylight, land grab and so on and so forth, across the entire motherland, for the self-proclaimed Council, to look defiant and dissatisfied with President Kiir poor performance and bad rule in South Sudan.

As a matter of fact, most South Sudanese do agree with the Jieng based organization on the fact that President Kiir is a total failure, vision-less leader, and his presence is a big catastrophe to the nation, but  what actually prompted JCE leadership members to criticize and hold President Kiir responsible, at this particular time, if they are the ones who rendered him (Kiir) unlimited support from the beginning to wreak havoc in the country?!!

No way, whatsoever justifications Jieng Council of Elders makes, so as to polish it’s ugly face, and subsequent bad history; the realities on the ground across the entire South Sudan remain crystal clear, that the shelf-proclaimed JCE has been part and parcel of the general mess and gross mayhem the nation and country are witnessing today.

So, there’s nowhere for JCE to run away, or even burry its head in the sand, in order to hold all the bad, the worst and the ugly, only on President Salva Kiir Mayardit, instead of attesting to the responsibility sharing, and by so doing, it means that all members of the Jieng Council of Elders, were not really mature men and actual elders, but interest driven, egocentric, cowards, opportunists, and puppets.

As such, their statement proves beyond any reasonable doubt, that JCE members have/or are suffering from early dementia or, perhaps paranoia symptoms, because they have simply forgotten the ugly role they were involved in aggravating and antagonizing political conditions, social coexistence and social fabric, which have peacefully been existing among different ethnic groups long-time ago in South Sudan.

So, the question begs, who is victimizing who?!!

Is it JCE attempting to victimize President Salva Kiir or vice versa?!! Why for?!! And what next?!!

For as much as the issue is concerned, JCE current move is just an attempt to scare the President, and stop him from implementing R-ARCSS remaining crucial provisions, especially the stalled military and security arrangements which require members of other non-Dinka ethnic groups to partake in maintaining security, restoring law and order in the country.

Let’s be very obvious that, JCE members as elders, must be honest to themselves and the nation, in telling truth.

Again, as elders they need to apologise to Jieng (Dinka) ethnic group for the grave blackmail they have smartly waged against very innocent members of their tribemen whose souls perished during 2013 war and aftermath.


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