James Deng Wal Achien, the incumbent executive director in the office of president is the hornful devil and disaster behind the destructions of the office of president

President of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit speaking to the media/Juba: Office of the presidentPresident of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit speaking to the media/Juba: Office of the president

Opinion by: Aguok-Kuei Concern Youth


Last month, as Youths of Aguok community, we presented our memo on social media avenues and served the president with his copy on the corruption scandals launched by James Deng Wal Achien since his appointment.

We the concerned youth of Aguok-Kuei Community have discovered in the last two months that Hon. Deng Wal has filled his office with his incompetent Awielian homeboys and many other prostitutes undermining the native youths of Aguok in particular and South Sudanese youths in general. He has initiated severe tribalism and segregation that never existed before. He has embezzled over $500,000 in the name of painting and fence construction you see around J1.

The man has been accused of sexual exploitation and once spotted with innocent and beautiful Sandra Ajak Micheal who studies Mass communication at the University of Juba. He has sexually enslaved Sandra Ajak Michael aka Sandra Kawaja for so long, he then bought her V8 and accommodated her right now in Crown Hotel near to please her not to announce the secret to the public, Ajak doesn’t have any credentials qualifications, but she is now holding a senior position in the office of the President because of this sexual activities.
As we are writing this letter to you, he (James Deng) had impregnated Sandra Kawuaja aka Sandra Ajak Malueth, and sent her to Khartoum a few weeks ago for abortion to which abortion was done successfully and Ajak came back to Juba for her normal duties, So he makes J1 be a Prostitution center.

Continually, He went ahead, crossing the red line by mocking H. E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Lord of Peace, the most majesty and the World’s greatest Warrior and most respected president of the Republic of South Sudan. Deng Openly says, in his absence from the office of the President, the so-called President Kiir cannot perform any developmental agenda in the country. He defines the youth and community of Aguok as laziest, baggers, incompetent, and typical villagers who cannot surface the modern civilization and technology. He supplements that, the work of Awan Youths is only to line up in J1 throughout the working days of the week, crying and barking for financial support in the offices.

His few days outspoken statements on the mother of the nation, Mama Mary Ayen Mayardit in which he describes her as the most illiterate and drunkard First Lady in the world has backfired and reflected the highest level of disrespect to the family of the World’s best President, H.E Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit.

James Deng Wal Achien has spoiled the most potential young leaders such as our son of Aguok, Diplomat Joseph Anyak Lwal, Comrade Dominic Juk, and Diplomat Marach Kon Awet are the few instances. The fact that Deng Wal is corrupt and selfish makes him fears the appointment of the above persons because they will unearth all his hidden corruption, segregation, tribalism, and nepotism in the office of the President.

James Deng is also driving a regime change agenda, as we write this letter, he is inactive communications with Gen. Paul Malong Awan, he gives him all the secrets of the President and this information is being used by Malong in an attempt to climb to the Presidency.

During the appointment of the national cabinet, he facilitated the file of his uncle to block Prof John Akec, the current VC of the University of Juba, who was highly proposed to take over the Ministry of Finance and Planning, he secretly blocked Akech and rushed with the recommendations of his Uncle, Hon. Kuol Athian was later on taken to the Ministry of Trade.

As sons and daughters of Aguok Kuei Community, we suffered beyond descriptions in the hand of Aweil-oriented lad, Deng Wal Achien compares to the time of Hon. Yel Luol was very transparent and sympathetic to us and the youth of South Sudan. At his time, we become victims to the office of President because he is trying to lock our heads with President Salva Kiir Mayardit by creating fake accuses, blames, baseless claims, and propaganda of hatred between us and the president. Now the president has disowned us. Deng Wal only believes in the people of Aweil more than other youth from Gogrial, Bor, Bantiu, and the rest of the states.

Deng is a dangerous venom around the office of the President and the public must be aware of him.



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