Is the vision of transforming South Sudan died with Dr. John Garang?

Is the vision of transforming South Sudan into small heaven on earth died with hero Dr. John Garang? Who will lead masses to that promise land?

O ION: By Angelo Kon Duang

Though ideology is the most imperative tool of social revolution toward communalism, it can never replace the need for the services that only a government can provide to its citizens. However, ideology can be a nasty business in the countries where citizens don’t know their rights and duties. In fact, ideology can empower dictatorial regimes, it can glorify fail leaders, it can be used to opiate the masses, and it allow corruption to prevail unchallenged.

For sure, the twenty-one years of liberation struggle, let by farmers and students against successive Khartoum regimes, was to get justice, equality and services. Indeed, we took up arms to get schools, good roads, hospitals and agriculture; it have never been about an ideological creeds as some privileged class want us to sing Oyee day and night. What we need now is a strong leader who will implement stage (2) of late hero Dr. John Garang. I salute SPLA martyrs on16th May led by hero Kerbino Kuanyin Bol and Benjamin Bol Akok.

As we all read, the stories of Rwanda success have nothing to do with ideological creed, but the tale of Rwanda’s economic thriving is due to the genius leader Paul Kagame. When he became Rwanda’s president in 2000, he inherited a country torn apart by the worst Africa’s tribal genocide. To rebuild it, he had to rely on mostly uneducated guerrilla fighters and a handful of ill-trained cadres. Despite genocide, Rwanda now is stable, prosperous, unified and reconciled. Social services, such as education, healthcare, housing and livestock are provided to the needy, with no distinction of ethnicity or region. Why don’t we trail the path taken by those before us?

George Orwell’s animal farm short story is other typical example of a fail ideology. After the defeat of Mr. Jones, the owner of ranch, the animals failed to translate their manifesto into the concrete thing. Within the elites, there emerge new masters who want to take everything. The exploitation causes another coup and let others to say oh Mr. Jones or former master is better than our new bosses. In fact, this book illustrate the way Stalinism had betrayed the ideals of the socialist revolution in the former Soviet Union. In every revolution, those who opiate citizens with ideological beliefs are doomed to fail before they achieved revolution results.

Without a doubt, late hero Dr. John Garang is a genius person who knows the different between ideology used to mobilize masses and the delivering of services that only the government can provide to its citizens. In his own words, he called them stage one and stage two. Now, for more than fifteen years, the SPLM/NCP led government has managed to silent the critics, blindfold the masses and kept them singing the same song of liberation struggle even after we become sovereign nation. We’re caged to say Oyeee; while our new masters are busy looting everything at the backyard.

In many of his frontline speeches, Dr. John Garang made it very clear that SPLM is a forum where citizens shall have right to ask their sitting government where are hospitals, school buildings, roads and agriculture projects. Sadly, the vision of liberation struggle has been misused by few cliques to abuse power; to prevent people from enjoying free speech; to enrich their relatives, to damage the country’s economy; to drain nation’s fund; to abuse certain groups of people. It’s no longer a forum of rights, but it become a forum of unknown gunmen.

Nobly, I must say that Dr. John Garang was a wise leader who knew what he was doing and what he wanted to achieve for marginalized citizens of New Sudan. Sadly, his life was strangely shortened leaving his vision (stage 2) of transforming South Sudan into small heaven on earth hang in the balance. However, through his inspiring mind, late hero had left this strong message to South Sudanese citizens.

He once said that by the end of six years Interim Period, he wants Southern Sudan to be earning at least two billion dollars from oil revenues, two billion dollars from tourism, six billion dollars from agriculture and other enterprises, so that we have yearly returns of at least ten billion dollars in our treasury. He believed that these monies will not used in the budget but it will be invested to generate more income for development.

Under new leaders, South Sudan had earned more than forty billion dollars (40 billions) within six years interim period which exceeded Dr. John Garang’s expectations. However, these monies were looted and wired to the private accounts in the foreign countries by few privileged elites. They took everything to foreign countries as if South Sudan is not their home state which they fought for more than twenty-one years.

However, we know how much it cost us in front lines when few were left to engage enemy while majority starve.

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