In-laws murder Juba man in cold blood for not ‘deciding’ to marry their girl

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A man in Juba has been murdered in cold blood by his in-laws in Juba for not deciding to marry their daughter. The girl is said to have previously given birth in her past failed relationship.

The relatives grew impatient and pressuring the man (before they killed him) to marry her.

The incident took place a few days in Juba while the man was on his way to attending his normal duties.

The men, about four in number then attacked the man and killed him in the evening hours, approaching dusk. They snatched his mobile phone and switched it off before they killed him.

After killing him, they dragged his body to a nearby bush and put his phone in his pocket (the corpse’s)

According to a close relative, they left the man to rot where they dumped him while his phone rang for a whole day.

“After they killed him, they dumped him. But his phone was going through but he was not picking it” said a close family member in Juba.

After the whereabouts of the man became questionable among his relatives, a search was conducted and his body was found (location withheld)

The police arrested the suspect and they are currently in jail.

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