“I am not a rapist. I have only four wives” Ateny Wek Ateny pleaded

Ateny Wek Ateny Presidential Press Secretary1FILE PHOTO/COURTESY: Ateny Wek Ateny Presidential Press Secretary1

South Sudan Presidential press secretary, Hon. Ateny Wek Ateny came out on Tuesday pleading with Australia-based SBS radio journalist, Ajak Deng Chiengdu saying he is not a rapist but has four wives.

This comes after his interview soon to be published by SBS for public consumption. The interview focused on recent remarks made by Ateny at a wedding ceremony in Freedom Hall Juba.

He threatened to take anyone who accused him to court.

“Ajak, I’m not a rapist for anyone accusing me… Take this, if you come to South Sudan, you will find some people with 80 wives at home and hundreds of concubines, yet they have never been a problem. I have only four wives. If there are women out there who are accused of wrongdoing, then let them come forward……and I will resign my position and face them in court…. Those who are making allegations or accusing me on social media are lying…….” Ateny threatened.

Ateny, in a video recorded and shared on social media, expressed his desire when he sees a beautiful woman he feels like vomiting and pulls her aside because it is in the blood.

‘If I see a woman, my heart stopped! If I see a beautiful woman passing next to me, that shakes my heart, and I feel like vomiting. I feel like grabbing her and pulling her away because this thing is in blood…….”.

His statement was met with pure outcry by the net-citizens.

Asked whether he should apologize to South Sudanese women for his remarks in a video circulating on social media, Ateny rejected the suggestion.

“To say I love women is not a crime…….and. I have not committed any crime against anyone. I was just giving advice to the new family, and I was not representing President Kiir.”

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