“I am just a pictorial in the ministry of defense” Hon. Angelina Teny

Hon. Angelina Teny Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs: PHOTO Credit/suppliedHon. Angelina Teny Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs: PHOTO Credit/supplied

Members of the SPLM/A-IO lamented and discouraged after the admission by the minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Angelina Teny, that she is just “a pictorial in the ministry” with no power to execute orders or make the necessary transformation needed in the ministry.

The interview by prominent freelance journalist, Mathiang Cirilo on Friday astonished the members of the SPLM/A-IO but some were familiar with what was coming.

According to senior SPLM/A-IO member who supported the reform agenda within the movement, the comments reflects exactly what they have been saying in the past few months.

Speaking to Ramciel from Khartoum, Nhial Wat Nyang, said the group of Angelina Teny and First Vice President, H.E Dr. Riek Machar Teny have sold the movement for lesser roles and the stays in the hotels.

“I was not surprised when I heard Mama Angelina lament that she’s just a pictorial and figurehead at the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs. This is what we have been saying from the beginning. They sold this powerful movement in exchange for a lesser role to stays in the hotels in Juba.”

“You see, Madam Angelina Teny just told the public and confirmed she has no access to the money and information within the Institution, then why is she still the minister. Why be in a place where you have no use and add no value? Let her stays home,” Nhial further asked.

He said, Hon. Angelina should not cry or lamented her misery in the government because she chooses to be a defense minister. This position is capably run by military veterans who can not be intimidated or scary away especially when you are a rebel going to work with your enemy that you fought for more than 7 years. People like James Koang Chuol can not be intimated or bully in that ministry were they the ones in charge. However, she influenced her husband to sidelined these great and powerful men.”

These outcries, he said make no sense and it is better for her to resign or remains silent accusing her of taking the Pre-Transitional National Committee money for the whole year while she stays at Eagle Hotel with closed contacts.

“Now, it’s too late for Hon. Angelina Teny to feel dissatisfied after she seized and accumulated the budget of (8) months for the Pre-Transition National Committee and (1) year at Eagle House, therefore’ she must complete the mission of her Ministry until the graduation of the Necessary Unified Forces (NUF).

Adding that “it is shocking to many diehard supporters of Angelina. They could not believe their eyes and ears. There is no point for the Right Honourable Minister to described how miserable she is while facing humiliation in her territory/Ministry.”

The way forward

Although Nhial accuses Hon Angelina of messing-up the Revolutionary Movement, he believes the only way forward is for the reformists to take up the role of rescuing the people of South Sudan from “gangs who value hotels and taking money outside” the country than building the nation or brining the most needed peace by the citizens.

“The reformists are encounter to remove Machar from SPLM-IO chairmanship and H.E Duer Tut Duer will take over the SPLM-IO chairmanship. This will be a step forward for the struggle for change and genuine peace in South Sudan, our people are suffering under the anti-people regime of Salva Kiir and his workmate Riek Machar. It’s time for action because action speaks louder than the word. Our call for reform in SPLM-IO it’s powerful and moral forward for change.”

He admitted the reformists are progressing well diplomatically and politically gaining support across South Sudan and beyond.

“We are progressing well diplomatically and politically inside South Sudan and outside, to engage our friends of goodwill regionally and internationally. The time for victory and action is coming, our coming chairman H.E Duer Tut Duer will make SPLM-IO a great movement and to be a great revolution for change in South Sudan.”

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